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Special Office Chair Cleaning Services Cape Town

Furniture can be one of the most valuable and prized possessions we own. Unfortunately, we must subject our favourite chairs to a whole slew of abuse each and every day. During the course of any given workday, it is estimated that the average office worker will spend between 8-10 continuous hours sitting down.  

This can put a real strain on your furniture, as well as your back and posture. However, we at Special office cleaning services in Cape town offer professional cleaning services with professionals that can alleviate these concerns. 

Furniture often has chemicals and product residues remaining from manufacturing or use. Common used seats – leather and fabric – can harbour bacteria including iron bacteria and dust mites originating from dandruff as well as other dead skin cells from those who have been sitting on them previously. 

Studies have found dust mite faeces in virtually every chair sampled! While none of these materials are harmful by themselves, they do pose a health risk to those who are allergic to them. Yet, even more often to special clean is often necessary for high usage areas such as schools, hospitals, businesses and nursing homes because dirt builds up quickly on this type of furniture. 

office chair. cleaning in capetwon
office chair. cleaning in capetwon
office chair. cleaning in capetwon
office chair. cleaning in capetwon


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